Before you register

Please read the following information before filling out the registration form:

  • This form will take between 5 - 10 minutes to complete
  • You will need to fill out the entire form in one sitting. You will not be able to save this form and return to it
  • You must use your own personal email address when completing this form
  • You will need to pay for your CELBAN test using PayPal. You will not need to sign up for a PayPal account to do this
  • When you have successfully completed the registration form, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form
  • Please print your confirmation email and bring it with you on your scheduled test day
  • There must be at least 3 months between scheduled tests. If you attempt to sign up for a test within 3 months of another, your test will be canceled, and you will be required to pay the cancellation fee.
  • Please review our Policies and Procedures before you register for the test.

On the day of the test you will be required to provide two pieces of identification. One of these MUST be one of the following pieces of photo identification (ID):

  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident/Citizenship Card
  • Driver's License

Your second piece of ID can be one of the above or another official identification (such as your Health Card, Credit Card, or Student Card). The secondary ID does not need to have your picture, but it must have your signature. Acceptable identification must also include a recognizable photo of you and your signature.

Important: The names provided on the registration form must match exactly (including spelling) the names on your pieces of ID. If your names and your photo do not match the identification documents that you present on test day, you will not be allowed to complete the test.

Please note: We will not accept photocopies or scans of Identification Cards.

Personal Information
Register for your Test
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Step 2: Choose your test session
Step 3: Choose your test time
Step 4: Select your Test Report Options

Your test fees cover two reports:

Unofficial CELBAN Report

Contains test scores and a description of the strengths and weaknesses observed in your test performance.

Official CELBAN Test Report

Contains test scores only and is sent directly to a regulatory or educational organization of your choice.

Please send my official report: (select one)

Your test transcript is available and valid for two years from the date of the original test. To order additional transcripts contact the CELBAN Centre.


I declare that I have read and understood the information on this registration form, including the use of personal Information, and that all statements made with respect to this registration are true and complete.
I understand that misrepresentation, falsification of documents, or withholding of requested information with respect to this registration can result in cancellation of acceptance as a candidate for the CELBAN.
I accept that any information on falsified documents may be shared with other CELBAN assessment sites across Canada.
I agree to comply with the regulations of the CELBAN test.